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Nice relaxing music …

A nice relaxing music from Zero 7. Ok I must admit it’s kind of girlish…well then I dedicate it to my female readers ;-).


Enjoy girls!



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Current book …


A small description: 

In THE BORGIA BRIDE Jeanne Kalogridis has created a dark and chilling portrait of a family beyond dysfunctional, a family steeped in deep political ambitions, rife with personal greed, yet cunning and clever enough to rise and become one of the most powerful families in history. Not one to tread lightly, it seems, the author spares us no quarter as we plunge into a world of courtly intrigue and simmering passions as seen through the eyes and voice of Sancha da Aragon—wife of Jofre, lover to his brother Cesare, and sister of Alphonso, the Prince of Navarre, eventual husband of Lucrezia.

Richly detailed and perfectly blended between historical fact and fiction, this gritty portrait of the world of the Borgias is a fascinating look at the rich tapestry of events that made up Renaissance Italy.

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This picture was taken in Delft – The Netherlands during Xmas, and it describes well my passion for shoes.

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While “cleaning” my computer, I found some nice photos from our nice town – Guimarães.


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